Frequently Asked Questions

The Capstone Program is a project-based, academic course where sponsors provide industry projects for our students. The Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC) Capstone Program offers a very cost-effective solution for your business with a high return on your investment by using the help of driven, talented and well-trained CS, IS and IT students from NJIT. Capstone is a required course for all of our undergraduate students and has recently been added as an elective for our graduate students.

The NJIT Capstone Program was founded in the Fall 2002 semester by Professor Osama Eljabiri as a way to instill students with valuable real-world work experience, to which they may not yet have been exposed. The capstone course provides hands-on, interactive training on hot technical topics demanded by IT employers in addition to workshops in leadership, project management, presentation, communication and social skills carried out by industry subject matter experts, top executives, and faculty...Read More

The capstone program is available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

To become a sponsor you must create a user account via the Login page. Then you must submit the application and information about your project. Your application will be reviewed and you can expect our decision within a week max of the deadline above. All sponsors are expected to make the required minimum contribution after receiving the email approval to NJIT Foundation (Capstone Program account index # 200094), which is tax exempt. Projects without the required minimum contribution are canceled automatically and will not be part of the open house.

Click here for more information about the 3 easy steps to apply.

Teams are made up of a variety of students with different background and levels of experience and can be comprised of the following roles:

  • Sponsor*
  • Executive Team Member*
  • Project Manager*
  • Developer
  • System Developer
  • Team Member(s)*
  • Business Analyst
  • System Designer
  • QA Person...

*required positions

For more information about teams, visit our Student page.

Projects change on a semesterly basis. There are, however, 4 main categories of projects for students to join from: Industry Projects, RWC, Executive Team, CISCO Project. Students and approved project sponsors must attend the Open House event at the beginning of every semester in order to lock in teams for the course...Read More

Find a Google Map on our Contact Page. You can also use 154 Summit Street, Newark, NJ 07102 as your destination.
For more information and driving directions visit NJIT's Maps & Directions site.

Osama Eljabiri is the head of the capstone program. You can contact him via our Contact page.