The Capstone Program is a combination of senior-level courses offered to students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology under NJIT’s College of Computing Sciences, which offers the Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology majors. The course can also be taken as an elective by students from other disciplines at the school, such as Management, Engineering, or Architecture.


Since the very beginning, we saw the chance to do be something different than just another class students need to take. We wanted to show the power behind students' potentials, as well as student-centered education. As we have done in the past, we always continue to strive towards creating a window for endless possibilities for students, university, and community.

More Than Just Real-World Experience

CCS capstone was established 16 years ago, as a program that is so much more than just real-world experience through projects. As a network of networks, the multidisciplinary capstone today is changing how classrooms operate and redefining how students are learning, running a free real-world open university year-round, transforming the way business work with education, impacting K-12 education, health care, and social services in the City of Newark and NJ and partnering with the world to empower our students.

Hands-On & Interactive Training

The capstone course provides hands-on, interactive training on hot technical topics demanded by IT employers in addition to workshops in leadership, project management, presentation, communication and social skills carried out by industry subject matter experts, top executives, and faculty.


The NJIT Capstone Program was founded in the Fall 2002 semester by Professor Osama Eljabiri as a way to instill students with valuable real-world work experience, to which they may not yet have been exposed. Professor Eljabiri's plan for the program involved the submission of IT, IS, or CS-related projects by local corporate sponsors from the Newark, NJ area. To assist with the program's coordination, Professor Eljabiri put together an advisory board made up of past students, sponsors, and other colleagues.

As a national endorsement for the success of the program and its impact on students' education, Carnegie Foundation named Osama Eljabiri NJ Professor of the Year for the year 2007.

  Proprietary Information

Capstone Students are instructed to respect the confidential nature of all proprietary information made available to them through the Capstone Program. Company Representatives are responsible to disclose information as relevant and clearly identify it as propriety. They are also responsible to review Capstone Student presentations to make sure proprietary information is not made public. All Capstone Student inventions resulting from the Capstone Project, including data and software, that are intrinsic to and derived from a Capstone Sponsor's proprietary information shall belong solely (100%) to the Capstone Sponsor.

If during the course of the Capstone Project, a Capstone Student and/or the Capstone Instructor invents technology that is non-intrinsic to nor derived from a Capstone Sponsor's propriety information, the intellectual property rights to the technology shall belong exclusively to NJIT in accordance with NJIT's official Intellectual Property Policy. If the Company Representative participated in the invention, the intellectual property rights to the technology shall be shared (50%-50%) by the Capstone Sponsor and NJIT.