Our students tackle a variety of different projects each year. They range from business websites and mobile apps to start-up projects and game development.

Students are in charge of many aspects of the experience. They select projects, elect their own CEO’s, partner with clients, propose and create new solutions, co-design course with instructor, collaborate with other teams and own products.

Students use the real-world projects as a tool to boost their motivation to gain new skills, knowledge, and capabilities and use what they previously learned in solving real problems. The program acts as an educational GPS where the real goal is helping students discovering their potentials and increasing their belief in themselves and what they can offer to the world.

Types of Projects:

Projects change on a semesterly basis. There are, however, 4 main categories of projects for students to join from:

  • Industry Projects
  • RWC
  • Executive Team
  • CISCO Project

At the end of every semester, Osama Eljabiri and the Executive Team host a Final Presentation event.

This not only serves as the final for students, it is also an opportunity for students and sponsors to show the work they have done and present the finished product.