Why Become A Sponsor?

The CCS Capstone Program offers a very cost-effective solution for your business with a high return on your investment by using the help of  driven, talented and well-trained CS, IS and IT senior students from NJIT and beyond to work on your project(s) as focused- teams of consultants with carefully selected leaders and mentors and a continuous process improvement strategy on biweekly basis managed by course instructor and our executive team.

The 13 years old, students-centered capstone program at NJIT is an exceptional educational experience designed to empower students and mirror their passions and interests via real-world project-based learning and hands-on training. This has resulted in outstanding accomplishments in the vast majority of more than 1100 industry-sponsored projects our teams have carried out over the past nine years not to mention national and state-wide recognition and numerous awards. Student teams tackle projects in a very broad array of application domains from network engineering to software engineering and much more. The capstone program is very selective in accepting projects and deciding to work with potential sponsoring organizations based on composite criteria and students’ votes and interests.

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  • Interact directly with a highly-trained talent pool
  • Various marketing opportunities for sponsors through activities and events
  • Possible access to city, state, and federal grants through a partnership with Capstone
  • Find future employees
  • Get ongoing support even beyond your project timeframe
  • Access to talented students from K-12 through college across the tri-state area
  • Test new ideas and develop proofs of concepts